Welcome to the web portal of Brooke Kao! 🎉

I’ve worked as a designer, coder, researcher, consultant and all-around do-er for Philosophie, Google, PwC, Sesame Street, Neighborhood Trust and others. Aside from doing the work, I think and write about processes that help teams work together better.

When I'm not working, I enjoy Brutalist websites. I’m a fry lover, a dog parent, a tattoo nerd, a former fashion blogger, a rock collector, a Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces. Let me do your chart sometime.☉

Wanna build your business the right way? Me too.

My role in this is making sure the design succeeds, but that doesn’t always mean it’s winding up on some design awards website.

This does mean that I’d get in a room with you and figure out the problem we’re trying to solve. Let’s be passionate about the problem and experimental with the solution. Sound like you? Let’s talk.

How I do it:

Shipping it :shipit:

I designed, built and validated proof of concept for an electronic and textile recycling service in under one week.

See a deck we presented internally at Philosophie on SlideShare.

Same team 🍳🐷

A 100-year-old accounting firm and a 6-year-old software consultancy teamed up to bring innovation to small business owners.

See a deck I presented at a Balanced Team MeetUp on SlideShare or check out a clickable demo on Invision.

Making it better 💯

I’ve been working with a nonprofit financial counseling firm to develop WageGoal, a product that helps financially underserved make decisions on their finances.

I’ve facilitated Lean and GV Design Sprint workshops with stakeholders and financial counselors over the past 8 months.

See a deck we presented internally at Philosophie on SlideShare or check out the web app.

Wanna hire me for contractual work or just chit chat? Email me 👈

Wanna dive deeper without actually having to confront me just yet? Check out my Medium for writing about tech and other things, LinkedIn for job history, and Instagram for general stalking. 👀

I am not a professional astrologer. I recommend Cafe Astrology for your charting needs.

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